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Thursday, March 25, 2010


Written in August of 2009

Miserable unhappy,
Lost and confused,
Trying to keep,
Myself amused.

Doing what I please,
Going where I will,
Thinking of myself,
Trying to have zeal.

My conscience prodding,
Constantly at me,
I knew this way,
Was not all glee.

Yet I still ran,
Going astray,
But my loving God,
Would not go away.

Slowly I realized,
A Christian am I,
I must serve God,
For me He did buy.

Unhappy with rules,
Still I know,
By living right,
Fruits will show.

Turning back to God,
Forgiveness I seek,
I need His strength,
For I am weak.

Day by day,
I have a choice,
Listen to God,
Or my inner voice.

By this experience,
I now know,
What to expect,
If back I go.

Miserable unhappy,
Lost and confused,
That is my life,
When Christ I abuse.

So I’ll stay,
Close by His side,
For after all,
He is a great guide!


Keith & Julie Loveless said...

Amen! Been there done that... Never want to go back again!

ERICA said...

What a great poem! That's exactly how I felt when I was out of God's will! I was MISERABLE, CONFUSED....But God loved me too much to just let His child go. He's so good to us!
Thanks for posting!

In Christ,

Sandra said...

That's good Jennifer!

Beth- any said...

I didn't relize how great you write Jennifer. =)

Jennifer said...

Thanks! It's nice to see some more comments again!