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Monday, March 1, 2010

Little Fish; Big Name

Over the years we have had just about every kind of pet you can imagine. Dogs, cats, a hampster, turtles, frogs, guinie pigs, guinies (the bird), quail, cows, goats, rabits, a salamander, ducks, chickens, a donkey, pigs, and even an iguana. Now, we have fish once again.

For about a week now Phillip and Amy have been eyeballing the fish in the pet department. After figuring up how much money they would need to buy the tank, food, fish, ect., they put their money together and begged me to take them to Wal-Mart after church. They bought a really cool looking 3 gallan fish tank and 4 little gold fish.

But now, what about those names? Amy named one of hers Fitzhubert. (That was my idea!) The little fish just about has a name that's longer then his own body! Amy's other fish is named Mozart. If someone can name a dog Beethoven, why can't we name a fish Mozart? Phillip's names are just as interesting. One is Ezekiel and the other is Zechariah. I guess we can now say that even our animals are Christians!

Another addition to our little farm, and more excitement in our happy home!

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