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Monday, March 22, 2010

Living Through Trials

Yesterday I came upon a short article that really got me thinking. There's nothing extraordinary about the post, it's just one girl's honest thoughts about what she is going through and how she is dealing with it. But what is extraordinary is the God we serve, and this article reminded me of that. It reminded me that when I was going though the hardest time of my life (for a teenager that is) it was then that I ran to God every minute of the day seeking his strength. It was then that I spent so much time in the Bible and in prayer searching for an answer or a way out. It was then that I felt alive!

A God fearing Christian doesn't float through storms or wander aimlessly through a trial. They live through trials. It is during those times that every emotion they posses comes to life, fighting for peace and joy.

We may feel like we are so weak that we can't take it any more, but in reality, we are becoming stronger and more alive. The only way to do it is to "fight battles on your knees".

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