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Saturday, March 30, 2013

May the Journey Continue!

I am back from Journey but with mixed emotions. I already miss the girls on my Journey and all the joyful people at IBLP Headquarters, but as I traveled home with my sisters and friend Katie, I was very conscious of everything that needs to be done. I have LOTS of books to read (and a list of many more to buy!),  I have so many things I want to teach my brother and sisters, and I want to be a shining light to the people I meet in every day living. But before I can do this, I have to steadily be filled with the Holy Spirit because one thing I learned last week is that I can't do anything without the Holy Spirit guiding me.  I can't pray unless I am praying through His spirit, and I can't understand the Word of God unless his Holy Spirit is guiding me.

Our first snowfall! Rebecca was not shy about throwing snow balls!

All week I was amazed at God's creation. During one of the morning sessions at the lodge you could hear the wind howl around the building and it reminded me of God's power and strength. In the other window you could see the snow dancing with the wind, which reminded me of his gentle and tender love. God's presence was so real!

My favorite part of the whole week were the two walks I took with God. Our there all alone, I was able to pour my heart out to God aloud and sing praises to Him and Him alone.
I will miss those times the most.

But this journey is not over. It's just the beginning!

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Journey to the Heart

This Friday me and my two sisters, Bethany and Amy, along with a friend of ours, are leaving for the great Journey to the Heart. I would have posted about it before now, but I have been busy getting the prerequisites done. They asked that we watch the Basic Seminar and read two books that they sent us. I am very excited about the prerequisites because I see it as a way to prepare my heart and start getting sin out of my life now, so that when I get to Michigan I will be able to focus more on the sweet fellowship I long for. Just to have 12 days away from work will be such a blessing and opportunity to search the scriptures more than I am able to do now. My prayer is that I will be able to let go of everything going on at work and home, and just focus on meeting with God in this special place.

Please pray for us as we are there. We are expecting to see snow, so maybe you should also pray that we southern belles don't get pneumonia or hurt ourself in the slippery snow! ☺