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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A week of being TOGETHER

Last week we had a great week of Youth Camp with almost 200 campers and counselors. The theme was "I Can Through Christ" which was so amazing, because while I was preparing for camp I knew that the only way I could make it through the week successfully is to let Christ work through me. He did that and so much more! All week I could feel God helping me every step of the way. I felt empowered by God in a way that I've never felt before.

I enjoyed having church in an open air tabernacle!

It was such a blessing to see teenagers get right with God, apologize to their friends and siblings, and surrender their lives to God and the ministry. God worked in a mighty way in so many lives. On Thursday night God began to show himself to me before the service even started. He showed Himself to be mighty, strong, a protector, and lover of my soul. He showed me that I have no reason to fear, because he is more than capable to help me as I try to accomplish His will. His presence was very real from the first song we sang and by the time the preaching was over I couldn't wait to find a place to praise and worship my God! The time I spent with God was so sweet! When I went back to the church service God was working in others lives and we were able to have a wonderful time encouraging each other and praying with one another in the very presence of the God himself. God showed me how precious togetherness is. What great joy there is in praying together. Praising God together. Singing to our Lord together. That night we experianced that God's goodness is too great to be kept to ourself.

Every one fo the morning devotions spoke to my heart.

Other blessings from the week was seeing people with such a great servant's heart that encouraged me to be more ready to serve at the first sight of need. The activities we had were loads of fun and we made friendships that will not be easily forgotten. I believe the greates result of the week was knowing that lots of young people went home seeking God's will for their life and entertaining the thought that they need to take a new path on a journey designed by God, not themselves. For some, that means being a better example at their school and speaking up for what is right, others may feel they need to get more involved with their church and start hanging out with Godly friends instead of the worldy influence they have been around, while some now realize that God wants them to serve Him to a far greater extent then they ever imagined. So many of us have decisions to make and a lot of praying to do as we seek God's will for our lives. One thing is certain, God is trustworthy. If we give Him control, He will not steer us in the wrong direction. God has promised that if we seek Him with our whole heart, we will find Him! (Due. 4:29)