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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Faith Means Waiting

Last night we heard a missionary preach at a local Mission Confrence. It is no surpise that he peached on faith for after all, the focus for the whole month is Faith Misisons.

The preacher brought out some good points on faith and the steps that we usually follow to see our faith fulfilled. What I liked most was his deffinition: Faith is obeying God where you are right now. So many times when we think we are stepping out on faith we want to see the results right away. We don't want to wait and let God teach us understanding and give us knowledge - we want it now! But sometimes having faith means that we are going to believe God will take care of us or the situation, and we may not see that for a long time, mabye even years. So we have to obey where we are and wait for our faith to be fulfilled in His time.