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Monday, March 31, 2008

God Knows The Desires of Our Heart

Isn't it so neat how God knows the desire of our heart even when we don't tell him? Recently I've been thinking back to the time that I spent with a great piano player who has been blind since birth, yet still plays the piano wonderfully! He really understands music. He is the one who encouraged and inspired me to play by ear. He showed me how to listen to a CD and copy what I heard.

Lately when I thought about him I found myself really wishing that I could meet someone that could help me like that again, but I never prayed about it. Recently missionaries Rodger and Cherie Mullins with Hope For The World and other ministries in Albania, came to our church to share what God has been doing through them. Mrs. Cherie is a great piano player! I had the opportunity to stand by the piano while she played and watch her fingers flow over the keys and bring forth a beautiful melody like some have never heard before. I played for her as well . . . an experience that made me feel like I was a beginner! She gave me some very good advice as well as her own piano CD called Stylings In Ivory.

After being inspired by this Christian lady I announced to my family that I was going to be a great piano player like Mrs. Cherie one day. The next day I listened to her CD over and over and tried to improve my own playing. Then I told my family that it will be a few years before I become a great piano player . . . it is not going to happen over night! : ) I think the greatest challenge will be in patience. It seems like it will take so long to accomplish what I have in my mind.

But I am not giving up! I took Mrs. Cherie's advice and looked for a CD by Anthony Burger. I watched a few samples from CD's on his web site and was really impressed. Now you know someone is a great piano player when you feel like clapping after you watch a sample video of his performance! I was unable to upload the video but you can see it here.

I ordered the CD called The Best of Anthony Burger Homecoming from Amazon. I can't wait to get it! Until then, I will listen to the Mrs. Cherie's CD and practice my scales and chords over and over and over and over . . .

God is so good to give me my desire even though I never asked him to!!! Thank you Lord!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring Tea

For years I have loved tea parties! I don't remember exactly when I started collecting tea pots, but I know I was at least 11 years old. My collection only consists of 9 full size tea pots but I also have 7 miniature tea pots, two "tea for one" tea pots, and many many tea cups. Over the years my sisters and I along with a few friends have hosted quite a few tea parties.

This week we had a spring tea party. It was a lot of fun! Wasn't it so pretty?

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Piano Lessons and an Apron

Tuesday I gave Amy a piano lesson. They are not as frequent as they should be, so I tried to pack in as much as I could. She does very well. I'm very glad that she has learned to play faster then she use to. I use to be so board with her lessons because she played sooo slow! She has definitely improved in that area.

Later I gave Bethany a piano lesson, but it was interrupted by a game of cards so we had to finish it Wednesday. Bethany is getting to the stage where she is very fun to teach. She can understand pretty much anything I teach her, yet there is still so much for her to learn. Right now she just needs repetition. At times I find myself thinking, "Why can't she get it?" or "Why hasn't she started playing like this?" I think sometimes I feel like she should be where I am, but I have to remember that she isn't quite that far along. While I was teaching her "Heaven's Jubilee" we got into the discussion about flats and sharps. It can be very mind boggling when you start thinking about B major being C flat if you were to reverse it, or D flat as C sharp. It was a fun piano lesson!

I also teach Phillip, but since he was sick I didn't make him take his lesson. He is the exact opposite of Amy. He plays fast and fearless! He's not timid at all!

This week I have been working on an apron. I am using a McCall pattern this time instead of the usual Simplicity. I really like the material mama and I picked out and the pattern is nice too, but I don't know if I like the apron. Perhaps it is because I didn't take the time to redo the ruffle (something I think I will do) or maybe it's because it wasn't as easy as I was hoping. I like Simplicity patterns better because their instructions are easier to follow. But I know I shouldn't complain . . . if I were to sew more often I wouldn't have a problem, right? Oh, well. I think I will like the apron once I make a few adjustments.

Monday, March 24, 2008

How True

"It's sad that we're excited about the second coming of the Lord when half of the world hasn't heard about the first." ~ JJ Alderman

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Last week God has allowed me to go through an experience that has given me a better appreciation for missionaries. I never thought about what they face every day in this way.

Let me explain . . .

When I turned 16 I got my first job at a Christian owned restaurant. The owners (husband and wife) were members at a good Baptist church I have been to before, the husband being the song leader at the church. The night manager didn't have the same beliefs as me and my family, but he did try to live for God to a degree. One of the assistant managers was a Christian while several of the employees were faithful Christians as well. I was surrounded by good people. My co-workers who weren't believers had a respect for me either because I was a child of God or because they saw me as "still a kid". Several times when someone slipped up and cursed in front of me they apologized and said they didn't know I was there. This may not have been just because of what kind of Christian I was, but because Christians were respected at that restaurant.

Even a lot of my customers were Christians! This restaurant came to be a gathering place for all the members at the Baptist church where my bosses went as well as other churches. I made some very good acquaintances while working there. I loved my job!!!

But . . . it wasn't exactly close to home. So when an opening came at a restaurant nearer to my house, I was inclined to take it. Here, I believe I am the only Christian employee. The two ladies who claim to be Christians don't show any fruit and their actions show that they are not aiming to please Jesus. The women I work with live wicked lives, just like I would if I were not graciously saved by the blood of Christ. I am constantly reminded that I need to be an example to them, but it's not always easy.

I feel like a stranger. Sometimes I feel like no one there likes me. I feel all alone. Unbelievers don't care if they hurt your feelings. It doesn't bother a unbeliever to look past you and act like you are not there. Some unbelievers don't understand that everyone makes mistakes. Unbelievers don't care to make things right between each other. This might not be such a big deal if I only saw them a few hours a week, but I have to spend 40 hours a week with them in one small building. I'm not complaining, infact, things went a lot smoother this past week. It varies from week to week. Some times I feel like I can't take it another day, while other day's I don't find it so hard to hold on for a little while longer. Still, things would be a lot easier if everybody would try to get along.

I never realized how much of an impact God's love has on a person. I grew up around Christians so that was all I ever knew. Lost souls are so different. I know they need to see a Christian that consistently lives for God and cares deeply about others. They need to see that there is joy in living for God. But am I able to do that? It is hard to love them when some don't even want to talk to you. It's hard to show them that the Christian life is one of peace and joy when you don't feel like smiling?

Then I am reminded of countless missionaries who were hated for thier belief. Not just in the past, but in the time that we live in now. Just a few years ago a missionary over seas was threatened to be bombed in his home. He was obviously hated. How could he continue to preach God's love in such an atmosphere? One thing is for sure, he probably wasn't as sensative as me! Even so, it still had to be hard to go on when no one in the country seems to support you. It takes great Christians to be missionaries.

Now I feel like I know a little bit more about the missionary life. Unless God calls me to be a missionary I will never know exactly what they go through, but I think God reveals little things to us so that we will know how to pray for them. So pray I will! I will pray that God will give them the heart of Jesus who said while he was dying on the cross, "Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do."

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Four Down, One To Go!

I am done with another quarter of college!!! At times it seemed like this quarter would never end, but actually it went by pretty fast. It has been a good quarter - I didn't get behind too bad, it wasn't too hard, and I had fun - but I am ready to take a break. Hopefully now I will be able to blog more durring the next two and a half weeks. But if you don't see me on here that often then you know I will probably be . . .

studying my Bible
going for walks
cleaning my room (a must!)
spending quality time with my family
playing the piano for long periods of time (I get tired of only getting to play for 15 minutes a day)
singing with my sibling
and probably doing a little bit of shopping.

In between all these activities I will try to write some post for my "little spot on the web". But no matter what I do, I will just enjoy being free from all the worries of college! Ah, the joy that comes from having free time!

By the way, did I mention that I am so excited about being done with this quarter?!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I'll admit it . . . I don't like keeping a Bible journal. I have started many, but they don't usually last more than a few months. Why is this? It shows me how unfaithful I am to studying God's Word. At first my journals entries were long and detailed. Now they are not quite so long. When I glance over my Bible journal and see days that have no entry, I feel ashamed. When I see entries day after day that only consist of the scripture reference, I realize that my Bible studies are not actual studies. They are just reading. Some times hurriedly.

Keeping a Bible journal is a good way to be accountable to yourself. It is a constant reminder of your study life and can show you where you need to improve. It is so tempting to just quit with the journal. Then I wouldn't be bothered so bad. But then I wouldn't see where I need to improve either. So what do I do? I keep writing in my Bible journal and try to do better so that one day I can be proud of what fills the pages.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Recipe For a Good Day

from February 23, 2008 . . .

Last week was a very good one for me. Two days specifically, were two of the best days I have had in a long time. Life is so much easier when you are in a good mood and I believe it is easier for God to use you as well because your heart is open. You will have a better chance at having a good day when . .

Your heart is right with God

This is the first step. The Bible says inPsalms 43:5, "Why art thou cast down, O my soul? and why art thou disquieted within me? hope in God: for I shall yet praise him, who is the health of my countenance, and my God." When everthing is right with God I always feel so much better than when things are not. When it has been a while since I read my Bible and I only pray short prayers not from the heart, I start to feel sluggish or listless. But when I turn my heart back to where I should be I feel the life come back to me! Everything is always better when I have God by my side.

You get plenty of sleep

Last week I was . . . well . . .behind in my school. That means I had to work extra hard to catch up before my tests and homework assignments were due. Two nights before they were due I stayed up late to get everything done. When I was finally able to collaps into bed after 11 PM, I fell asleep with no problem and didn't wake up until the alarm went off the next morning. The sleep I got those two nights were so refreshing! I went about my day as happy as can be.

I think for some it is "cool" to go with hardly any sleep. They think that it is mature or adult-like to be so busy that there isn't enough time to get enough sleep that they really need. But when we have a good nights rest we will be able to get a whole lot more done the next day. In the long run, we will make more of our time if we take the time to rest.

You eat healthy

It was a Wednesday afternoon. After I got off work I had to run by the grocery store to buy some baking goods for mama. After I found everything I needed I slowly walked past the bakery section of the store. There were cakes, pies, cookies, cup cakes . . . a lot of deliciouse sweets! Yes, I knew that I had already had snacks the previouse Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, but I was craving sugar pretty bad! As I walked towards the checkout lane I thought I might find some kind of candy bar on the self. However, the shortest lane was the only one that didn't have any snacks in the isle. Oh well. As I drove home I considered stopping by Dairy Queen for an ice-cream. A cookie-dough blizard would be really good right now! But do I feel like spending all that time in the drive thru? (They are usually slow.) So I then thought about stopping at a convenient store for a Snickers Bar. That's when I realized just how much trouble I was in. I was addicted to sugar.

The next two days I didn't eat any sugar at all. Since then I have had a little bit on the weekends and maybe a bite or two of a snack durring the week, but not every day. I noticed right off that I had more energy and my mind didn't feel foggy. I was able to think clearer and I got along with everyone so much easier. Amazingly, I even talked slower! I always talk fast, and there are some words that I have tried to say slower but I really couldn't make my mouth slow down. After I (sort of) gave up on the sugar I was able to talk without people saying, "Huh?" This shouldn't be surprizing because sugar is known to cause hyperactivity in children. Now I know that it also makes your mouth hyper too! ; )


These are a few things that I have been trying to do lately that have really made a differance in me. Of course I still have those days don't go very smooth to say the least, but I don't know if I will ever be rid of them. Other things that will help is exercising a few days a week and getting at least 15 minutes of sunlight every day. I have failed in fitting those two things back into my schedule. : ( But I'm still trying!

But above all, make sure your heart is where it needs to be. Even if you are the healthiest you have ever been, God can make you misserable if you are not obedient to His Word. God always comes first!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Revines in Florida

Phillip and Amy coming off of the suspention bridge. We all walked across in a march style (left, right, left, right) and made the bridge swing! What fun!

One of the many bridges.
Another bridge.

Bethany swinging on the monkey bars.
Water inside of a fallen tree.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Vacation is always a lot of fun, but sometimes I think it is just as much fun coming home! It is so nice to once again be able to sleep in my own bed (in my own room), take a nice warm shower in my own space, and have room to move around! For those of you who have never camped in a pop-up camper let me go ahead and inform you: they are not THAT big. With 6 people and enough supplies to last 4 days, there wasn't a whole lot of room to move around in.

Still, it was so much fun! We rode bikes, went on lots of nature walks, sat by a camp fire every night, made smores, did a lot of grilling, had a few picnics, and relaxed . . . a little bit! It was fun being outdoors so much.

Monday we went to the Ravines in Florida, for the first time. They were beautiful! There are so many pictures I want to show you, so forgive me if you get board! The captions are for the picture above.
A tangle of roots! Did you notice the ferns? They were all over the place!
Amy walking down one of the trails.

A more "groomed" look.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Must Read Poem

Today I came across the best poem on waiting that I have ever read. At first I wasn't to excited to read it because I have read so many articles and poems on waiting. But I am so glad I read this one! This poem explains the purpose of waiting without an answer so vividly! You can read it at Anne's blog.

Friday, March 7, 2008

We Are . . .

. . . going on vacation!!! Can you guess what we are going to do?
(No, that isn't our camper, but we do have a pop-up.) I have been so excited about this trip! Maybe it's because it's been a while since I've been on one with my family, or maybe it's because I will see a good friend I don't get to see that often. But whatever the case, I am still looking forward to it with much anticipation!

Here's food for thought while I am gone: How often do we let the Devil steal our joy after a great victory? Yesterday I had a wonderful night, yet this morning I felt like something was wrong or like God was displeased with me. After searching my heart I started to think that it wasn't God that was troubling my soul, but maybe the Devil! Satan never wants to see us win a battle, gain hope, or live joyously in Christ. It angers him when he sees God's plan for your life start to take action. So be very careful to guard your heart against Satan especially when you have just been through a victory or have found a new joy.

"Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you." James 4:7

Monday, March 3, 2008

I Know, I Know

It has been a long time since I have blogged. I was hoping that I would never have to give any excuses for why I haven't stayed faithful to the blog sphere. I was going to be a "good" blogger! But what can I say? Life doesn't always go the way you want it to, right? So here I am, telling you that the reasons I haven't blogged is because I've been spending my time:

with my family
doing college work
organizing my closet (you know how long that takes!)
going to work

yard saling
singing with my siblings
. . . and other things

Right now mama is finishing supper and everyone is starting to gather in the dinning room eager to eat mama's fried chicken, mashed potatoes & gravy, and broccoli callarole. It smells Delicious! Every time mama fixes a big spread like tonight it reminds me of Thanks Giving dinner.

Tonight I will probably try to get some school done and then I might watch the Waltons with my family. Those are such great shows! I wish we could live like them. No TV, no video games, no telephone . . . no distractions. The Waltons look so peaceful when they are all sitting around in the living room gathered around the radio. Every one of them is there, even little Elizabeth. Mama and Grandma has taken a break from her continuous chores, Daddy is relaxing from a hard days work, and the rest are all tired from school and playing outside all day. (I really don't know what Grandpa does.)

Those are such enjoyable, simple pleasures that most people have never experienced. I have though. Maybe not in the same way, but similar. I'm glad my parents like spending time with us making peaceful, memorable moments in our home.