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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Just in Time for Chirstmas

Two years ago I made myself a personalized stocking since my taste had changed. Sometime after Christmas it got misplaced, so when the next Christmas came around I was the only one in the family with a store bought stocking. I kept saying that I was going to make one . . . but you know how that goes. So this year, once again, we couldn't find my home-made stocking so I put out the plain ole red and white one. My family said they didn't think I was going to make one this year so I decided to prove them wrong! Here it is.

Here is a close up of my stocking holder.

Now the whole family has a personalized stocking. Today today they were talking about re-doing their's so that they look nicer, but I thought I'd show them off anyways.

Have a Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Preaching that Convicts

"The greatest gift God ever gave man kind was conviction." - Bro. David Harrison

 This past fall I went to a revival at a local church and heard Bro. David Harrison preach along with several other preachers. His preaching was some of the best I've heard in my life. After hearing him I didn't leave with a good thought or new jokes and illustrations to tell, I left with conviction and tear stained eyes. Bro. Harrison has a heart for the lost to be saved and for Christians to stay in the race and live a life truly dedicated to Christ. I still feel conviction when I think about the sermon he preached called, "Do Not Disturb" which was preached to Christians who have placed a sign on their heart that says, "Do Not Disturb". I haven't found it on the internet, but he preached a similar one called, "A Conscious Seared, a Cold Heart, and a Wounded Spirit."

Whether or not you are looking for good preaching, I encourage you to go to his website, Voice of Hope Ministries, or Old Path Sermons. I hope it blesses your heart and gives you a desire to live every day for Christ.