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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Just to be reminded . . .

While going over some of my old posts I found this poem I wrote several years ago and it really encouraged me so I thought I'd re-post it. It's always good to be reminded.

Written in August of 2009

Miserable unhappy,
Lost and confused,
Trying to keep,
Myself amused.

Doing what I please,
Going where I will,
Thinking of myself,
Trying to have zeal.

My conscience prodding,
Constantly at me,
I knew this way,
Was not all glee.

Yet I still ran,
Going astray,
But my loving God,
Would not go away.

Slowly I realized,
A Christian am I,
I must serve God,
For me He did buy.

Unhappy with rules,
Still I know,
By living right,
Fruits will show.

Turning back to God,
Forgiveness I seek,
I need His strength,
For I am weak.

Day by day,
I have a choice,
Listen to God,
Or my inner voice.

By this experience,
I now know,
What to expect,
If back I go.

Miserable unhappy,
Lost and confused,
That is my life,
When Christ I abuse.

So I’ll stay,
Close by His side,
For after all,
He is a great guide!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

My Redeemer Is Faithful and True

Several months ago a man at our church started videoing all the singing and offertories at our church. It's kinda cool to see me and my siblings singing . . . unless we made a mistake. (Then we wished he hadn't videoed us. But that rarely happens anymore!) So I finally figured out how to post the videos to YouTube (at around 11:30 at night!) and then I was able to post it to my blog! So here is my first upload! Not the best, but it's my favorite song. I hope you enjoy it!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Living in a Box

For the past year God has been teaching me how to live outside of the "Baptist Box". I've always been taught that speaking in tongues is a thing of the past, you shouldn't endorse anything that isn't KJV, and the charismatic crowd probably isn't right with God. Have I let my standards down? Not at all. Have I expanded the realm in which God can work in my life? Absolutely! I still believe that most people misuse and misunderstand the gift of tongues. I still believe the KJV is the final authority. And I don't have a desire to be part of the charismatic crowd. However, that doesn't mean that God can't do great works for His glory with those things I oppose. In the Bible God has used some pretty unlikely things and people to accomplish his work. He used a woman to fight a battle for Israel (Judges chapter 4) and a donkey to speak to one of His prophets (Numbers 22)! So many times we limit God by saying, "God doesn't work that way anymore." or "Unless you meet up to certain standards you can't be used by God." How wrong we have been.

With that being said, I would like to share a great video by Louie Gigleo. It's kind of long, but it's worth it. At the very beginning I was thinking, "Come on, science? I don't speak that language!" but trust me, it gets good! At first glance I was put off by his casual attire and his manner of presentation, but what he has to say really puts things into perspective. I hope you enjoy it!