Welcome to my blog! To get an idea of what this blog is about you might want to read the "About Me and My Family" page as a starting point. You can browse through the archives or head over to the "Articles" page to read on specific topics I've written on over the years. Keep checking back because I'll be posting new articals from time to time.

About Me and My Family

If  you haven't been reading my blog from the beginning, this is a great place to learn a little bit about me and my family so you know what I'm talking about in my posts.

L-R: Amy, Mama (Sandra), me, Phillip, Bethany.
I was born and raised in a Christian family with two brothers (Ryan and Phillip) and two sisters (Bethany and Amy). I love having a big family and living in the country! On our five acre farm we've raised cows, goats, pigs, chickens, a donkey, dogs, and cats but currently just have two dogs and one cat. In the past we have enjoyed planting a big garden every year and can or freeze as much as we can to last us throughout the year. We find joy in doing things the old fashioned way: simple, meaningful, and heartfelt.

Mama homeschool(ed) us all. Ryan, I, Bethany, and Phillip have graduated, and Amy is working on graduating right now. We love homeschooing and couldn't imagine doing it any other way! I believe that it is the parents job to train up their children, it's not the government's or church's job. In a world that is growing more and more wicked I feel so blessed to be homeschooled and raised in church!

For four and a half years I worked as a Medical Coder at a small hospital, but when God told me to quit my job I was more than happy. I now spend my time the way God wants me to and am free to get involved in any ministry opportunity God gives me. I enjoy playing the piano, singing with my siblings, giving piano lessons, volunteering at the local nursing home, teaching Sunday school, reading, writing, cooking, baking, sewing, and studying the Bible. I love music, singing in the choir, all things vintage, pumpkin scented candles, quiet days at home, and spending time with my family.

This blog use to go by the name Maiden in Waiting not because I was sitting around just waiting for "Prince Charming" to come, but rather I was waiting for the right man instead of dating any man who comes along. I'm still waiting for God's best, but with a change of focus came a change of title for my little spot on the web.

Most of all this blog is a place where I can write about my ultimate love, Jesus Christ. I am learning more and more every day that life is nothing without Him, and no matter what or who comes into my life, I cannot enjoy it to the fullest unless Christ is first. In 2012 I discovered several ministries which changed my life and brought about a new awareness of how God works. I have learned that there is power in meditating on scriptures and memorizing them. God has shown me key truths about removing bitterness from my life and how to forgive others. He has taught me how to detect lies the devil wants me to believe and how I can experience freedom from those strongholds. The Bible has become alive to me and my desire is that others will experience this joy as well.

I have been a very unfaithful blogger this past year, but I hope to get back into posting simi-regularly. I have nothing profound or deeply spiritual to say, just the thoughts in my heart as I try to be real. My life is not perfect and I face daily hardships just like everyone else. There are days when I really don't want to do the things that God has so graciously trusted me with, but I am learning that this is a struggle I will be faced with for the rest of my life. I hope to portray an honest view of my life so that others will be encouraged to keep fighting the good fight. I pray that this blog will not cause anyone to become disillusioned to what the real Christian life is about. It's hard . . . but it's worth it!

I'll also post about things I'm up to from time to time, so stick around and you might just find a good recipe or see some pictures of our family happenings. I hope you enjoy your time at my blog!