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Monday, March 31, 2008

God Knows The Desires of Our Heart

Isn't it so neat how God knows the desire of our heart even when we don't tell him? Recently I've been thinking back to the time that I spent with a great piano player who has been blind since birth, yet still plays the piano wonderfully! He really understands music. He is the one who encouraged and inspired me to play by ear. He showed me how to listen to a CD and copy what I heard.

Lately when I thought about him I found myself really wishing that I could meet someone that could help me like that again, but I never prayed about it. Recently missionaries Rodger and Cherie Mullins with Hope For The World and other ministries in Albania, came to our church to share what God has been doing through them. Mrs. Cherie is a great piano player! I had the opportunity to stand by the piano while she played and watch her fingers flow over the keys and bring forth a beautiful melody like some have never heard before. I played for her as well . . . an experience that made me feel like I was a beginner! She gave me some very good advice as well as her own piano CD called Stylings In Ivory.

After being inspired by this Christian lady I announced to my family that I was going to be a great piano player like Mrs. Cherie one day. The next day I listened to her CD over and over and tried to improve my own playing. Then I told my family that it will be a few years before I become a great piano player . . . it is not going to happen over night! : ) I think the greatest challenge will be in patience. It seems like it will take so long to accomplish what I have in my mind.

But I am not giving up! I took Mrs. Cherie's advice and looked for a CD by Anthony Burger. I watched a few samples from CD's on his web site and was really impressed. Now you know someone is a great piano player when you feel like clapping after you watch a sample video of his performance! I was unable to upload the video but you can see it here.

I ordered the CD called The Best of Anthony Burger Homecoming from Amazon. I can't wait to get it! Until then, I will listen to the Mrs. Cherie's CD and practice my scales and chords over and over and over and over . . .

God is so good to give me my desire even though I never asked him to!!! Thank you Lord!


Lauren said...

Playing the piano well is a huge blessing! Keep working on the talent that the Lord has given you. It's great to cultivate something you enjoy doing! It's also a blessing that God gave you the desire of your heart without you even asking... he does know the desires of our hearts before we tell him, praise his name!

Margaret Neufeld said...

I'm glad you have the desire to learn more. Music is a great gift if God allows you to use it.

Anonymous said...

What a blessing and encouragement! Keep up the good work, my sister! :)
God is very, very good!