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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Piano Lessons and an Apron

Tuesday I gave Amy a piano lesson. They are not as frequent as they should be, so I tried to pack in as much as I could. She does very well. I'm very glad that she has learned to play faster then she use to. I use to be so board with her lessons because she played sooo slow! She has definitely improved in that area.

Later I gave Bethany a piano lesson, but it was interrupted by a game of cards so we had to finish it Wednesday. Bethany is getting to the stage where she is very fun to teach. She can understand pretty much anything I teach her, yet there is still so much for her to learn. Right now she just needs repetition. At times I find myself thinking, "Why can't she get it?" or "Why hasn't she started playing like this?" I think sometimes I feel like she should be where I am, but I have to remember that she isn't quite that far along. While I was teaching her "Heaven's Jubilee" we got into the discussion about flats and sharps. It can be very mind boggling when you start thinking about B major being C flat if you were to reverse it, or D flat as C sharp. It was a fun piano lesson!

I also teach Phillip, but since he was sick I didn't make him take his lesson. He is the exact opposite of Amy. He plays fast and fearless! He's not timid at all!

This week I have been working on an apron. I am using a McCall pattern this time instead of the usual Simplicity. I really like the material mama and I picked out and the pattern is nice too, but I don't know if I like the apron. Perhaps it is because I didn't take the time to redo the ruffle (something I think I will do) or maybe it's because it wasn't as easy as I was hoping. I like Simplicity patterns better because their instructions are easier to follow. But I know I shouldn't complain . . . if I were to sew more often I wouldn't have a problem, right? Oh, well. I think I will like the apron once I make a few adjustments.


Lauren said...

Are the people you teach your siblings? I teach a few piano lessons... the ones who are more "bold" are more fun to teach.

Jennifer said...

Yes, these three are my younger siblings. I also have an older brother, Ryan.

Bethany said...

Thanks a lot Jennifer! I'm still learning, Of course i'm not going to play as good as you right now.
But I will be better than you one day. Ha Ha!

Jennifer said...

Keep dreaming Bethany. (That's all it will ever be.)