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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Do you consider yourself impatient? Most Americans are impatient. Just consider how many drivers speed, simply because they want to be where they are supposed to be . . . right now! No one wants to wait 30-45 minutes on supper anymore. Most people put their food in the microwave and are eating 10 minutes later. Everyone wants instant gratification.

I’m usually not very impatient, but I do have my moments. Especially now that I am working again. After working all morning and doing my school in the afternoon, I feel like I hardly have time to do anything else.

Today when I got home, I turned on my computer to see if my teacher had e-mailed me back. Every day when I turn my computer on, a system starts scanning my computer for any unwanted bugs or such. As soon as it started I pressed the pause button. I don’t have time for that right now. While I could still hear the computer “grinding” trying to get everything going, I clicked on my outbox not wanting to wait 2 minutes. After a few seconds a message came up that said, “Program is not responding. The program might respond if you wait.” I’m not joking! That’s exactly what it said! I couldn’t help but chuckle. My own computer was telling me to wait and be patient! Maybe I should listen . . .

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Under Southern Skies said...

That's funny about what your computer "said." :) And yes we do need to learn patience. :)