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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cluttered Areas

Right now as I sit at my computer to type this post I am reminded of how much I need to clean my desk. There is a stack of untidy papers that need to be put away, bobby pins and hair clips that belong on my dresser, a newspaper that I don't even read, a school book that I haven't used in two days, and pens scattered everywhere even though I have a jar just for storing my pins in. I'm surprised that I can find anything on my cluttered desk!

The rest of my room, however, generally stays clean. My bed is always made, my clothes put away, and everything is where it should be. I just have a little trouble keeping my desk organized. Isn't that how our life is sometimes? We stay right on top of some areas such as reading our Bible, praying, being kind to others, and supporting missionaries. But when it comes to gossipping and witnessing to our co-workers we kind of shy away and try to forget about it. Just like I try to forget about my cluttered desk.

Of course, your cluttered areas may not be gossipping or witnessing; we all have different "weak spots." But I'm sure there is something in your life that you are hesitant about cleaning. So for today, I'll leave the blog post short and simple. Instead of spending my time on writing I believe I will start cleaning my desk . . . and other areas. Maybe you should do the same!


Sara N. Smith said...

The Lord has blessed you with a wonderful gift for writing! Keep using is for His glory - He's being glorified through it!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Sara! I hope you don't think I've forgotten you. I'll be by to visit your blog Monday. I don't want these blogs to become an idol, so I decided to only visit them once a week. We'll see how it works. Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog!