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Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Answer to the Poll

Okay, now it's time for me to answer my own poll. But first I'd like to say how surprised I am by the response. I just knew that the majority of the voters would say they didn't like being teenagers, but actually 53% said they like being a teenager and only 30% disliked it, leaving the other 15% with those who are content in every age they find themselves in which you could actually add to the 53% making a total of 68% who enjoy being a teenager. (I hope I didn't' confuse you!)

So I'm sure you've probably already guessed my response by now. I don't mean to sound critical and I certainly don't want to complain or throw myself a pity party, but quite frankly, I don't' like being a teenager. The reason for that is because I know I have an attitude at times, I know I am a "know it all" every once and a while, I realize that I am picky about my clothes, AND I DON'T LIKE IT! I don't want people to see me as the "teenager". Now truly, mama would probably tell you that I am not near as bad as most teenagers, but I am still a teenager. My age still has a 1 in front of it!

Another reason I don't want to live these years over again (when I get through them) is because I never fit in and I always felt awkward. Somehow I think that this may be the case for the rest of my life sense most of the world is living contrary to the Bible which puts me in the minority and feeling awkward may just be a part of my shy personality.

Nevertheless, ever sense I have been working at the hospital as an "adult" with other adults doing adult things, I have felt less pressure. In fact, everyone in my department is either old enough to be my mother or grandmother . . . and I love it! Most adults are much better at controlling their attitudes and they are mature enough to know that it's rude to stare at you with this look on they face that says, "You're weird."

Yes, I realize that I will probably have to deal with attitudes from time to time no matter how old I get and life will never be easy, but I agree with mama: the teen years are not the best part of a person's life. That is a very comforting thought!

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Katie said...

Girl, reading that post was like reading my own thoughts! LOL I hate the teenage stage so much! But I know we've talked about that before. : ) Great post, it's nice to be reminded I'm not the only one like that.

God was SO GOOD to bring us together as friends! Getting to know you has enriched my life so very much! Love you girl! : )