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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Internet Free Weekend and a Give Away

So what did I do this past weekend since I wasn't on the internet?

  • Friday I watched a movie with my brothers and sisters and just relaxed.
  • Saturday Bethany, Amy and I went shopping in a large town near us. (We left at 7 that morning and didn't get back until 5 that evening just in time to eat and head back out to a gospel sing in town. That night we were all in bed early!)
  • Sunday, after church, I organized my desk and made some russian tea for myself and a friend.

Now time for the confession. Sunday I did get on the internet for exactly 6 minutes. I was really discouraged and depressed so I didn't really care if I cheated on my own challenge, so I checked my e-mail and read my friends blog really quick. Afterwards I was really glad I did because Katie's e-mail and blog posts really encouraged me and helped get my mind back on track. So next time I might leave room for reading e-mails if it is apsolutly neccisary. The rest of the time was pretty enjoyable.

Before I end this post I need to mention that Miss Jen is having a give away at her blog, Blessed Femina. When I go to her little spot in the web I am always refreshed and filled with creative, feminine thoughts. Stop by her blog and check out her delightfuly give away.

1 comment:

Katie said...

Glad you a good weekend, and also glad my blog and email were of help to you. Love you and praying for you!