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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Are You up for a Challenge?

Maybe it's because my life has felt a little stressed lately, maybe it's because I feel the need to spend more time in prayer and Bible study, or maybe it's because I read this article, but whatever the case be, I have decided to go on an internet fast. Not a very long one, just for the weekend. I am not even going to turn my computer on. I think it will be very refreshing to break away from the fast pace world of technology and enjoy the wonderful world that God has created. It will also help me to control my self will sense I really like to spend time on the internet and it's kind of an addiciton. In addition, this will also give me more time to devote to the story I am attempting to write for the 4th annual contest going on at JournEzine.

So here's the challenge.
  1. Read Natalie's article, Nurturing Intimacy in a Facebook Generation (or at least the bulk of it sense it is kind of long)
  2. Decide when you want to start your fast and how long it will be
  3. Stick to it!
  4. Write about it on your blog or leave a comment on this post to let us know how it went. Did you enjoy doing other more important things? Did you feel less stress? Are you going to do it again? Or did you hate it and constantly went through withdrawals the whole time?

Who knows, we may like it so much that next time we'll want to do a complete technology fast. No TV, no computer, no cell phone . . . it could be interesting!

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