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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Great Deals

Today I went yard saling with my family, something we all enjoy doing from time to time. I was so pleased with some of the items I found that I just had to share them! The first things I bought was this beautiful antique purse and pair of white gloves for $2 each. Aren't they so pretty and old fashioned?

The next thing I was happy with was not so much about the item, but the price. I got this purse for 75 cents! It looked practically brand new so I had to ask the lady who was selling it if the price sticker was correct! I love finding deals like that!

I have already used the brown purse and love it. Me and my sisters will probably wear the gloves at a tea part and perhaps if I have the chance to go to another "old times day" at church I may use the snap purse, but otherwise they will be used as decoration. I think this is a great example of the fact that it doesn't cost much to be feminine if you know where to look . . . and don't mind buying used! Now my room has more grace and beauty and my shoulder has another purse to carry!


Katie said...

Oh my, I love the purse and gloves!! You when said "old purse" I wasn't quite sure what to picture, but that is so pretty!! Gotta love yard sales like that huh? : )

JayLee said...

I like both of those purses very much!
Great Finds Jennifer!

I have a question though, I've heard of churches having 'Old Times Day' and a friend of mine remembers attending on at their church at a young age, but doesn't recall their purpose or origin, so I ask you, could you please tell me what it is?
Sounds Fun, Thanks!


Jennifer said...

Hi Jaylee,

Thanks for stopping by my blog! In answer to your question: I've only been to one "Old Time's Day". Everyone that can dresses up in old fashioned clothes - the women wearing long beautiful dresses and bonnets and the men wearing over-alls or some other sort of old fashioned outfit- and then we have dinner after church. I think the purpose is just to have fun and keep the old ways alive. I enjoy it!