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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Learning of God's Abundant Mercy: Part 2

That evening when Natalie read her Bible, her mind kept wandering. The words on the pages before her seemed so boring. She turned to several different chapters, but each one seemed so familiar and meaningless. "Why should God forgive me? You don't just ignore a friend and expect them to treat you like you didn't do anything wrong. I've ignored God so many times I don't deserve to be drawn back."

Frustrated with her own sins, she closed her Bible and walked out of her room. Plopping down on the couch beside her brother, she watched him and their dad play a game of chess. She never did understand why they like the game so much. She thought it was to mind boggling to be fun. But some how Brandon and her dad never found the game uninteresting.

As she starred at the board game, unconscious of what she was seeing, she suddenly remembered something she meant to do. Getting up off the couch she went to her room and looked through her desk dower. Her dad's birthday was the next day and she had make him a special card. "Oh, where is it? Ah, there it is," she whispered. She took the card and slipped into her parents room which was right across from hers. Her dad's worn Bible was on the night stand where it usually lay. Careful as a mother holding her baby, she placed the card inside the leather cover. As she did so a yellow piece of paper caught her eye. In big letters the words were written, "The Fathers Gift to an Unworthy Son."

"That would apply to me," she thought. Natalie felt relieved and almost happy when she realized there was hope for her. At that moment she realized how glad she would be to get back in fellowship with her Savior. She knew that God had put that paper there just for her.

Just then her brother' exclamation of winning the game of chess was heard from the living room. Remembering where she was, Natalie picked up the piece of paper and hurried out of her parent's room.

To be continued . . .

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Hannah said...

Wow! That is a powerful story!

God Bless!!