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Monday, June 29, 2009

Learning of God's Abundant Mercy: Part 1

Originally published in 2006

"I've done it again.. I haven't prayed, read my Bible or had any fellowship with God today. Just two days ago I was in perfect fellowship with Christ and I had such joy! Why do I have no desire to talk to Him today? Why does my desire to serve the Lord only last for a few weeks at a time?"

As Natalie washed the supper dishes she tried to think of an answer to the questions that lingered in her mind. Natalie felt like she had failed her Savior again. "Again," she thought. "How many times have I done this same thing- and how many more times will I do it? IT seems like all I do is ask God for forgiveness and start all over again, yet I don't get any farther than before." In the background of her thoughts she could distinctively hear her sister making a loud racket.

"Mom" she called, "can you ask Hailey to stop banging on the piano?"

Mrs. Andrews, pausing in the middle of her cross stitching project, looked at her daughter and cocked her eyebrow. Her ever watchful eyes had seen the aggravated look in her daughter's eyes several time that day and she had heard the same snapping tone come out of her mouth more than once. "I've noticed you not being very patient today" she said. "Never mind about Hailey. You've been inside almost all day and I think it would do you some good to get out of the house. I'll finish the dishes while you go milk the goat."

Natalie, although glad for the chance to be by herself, felt ashamed for the way she had been acting. With downcast eyes Natalie dried her hands, picked up the milk bucket, and walked out the back door. "There's another thing I did wrong today: I'm being impatient. This has been a miserable day."

To be continued . . .


Under Southern Skies said...

Looking forward to more, Jennifer! When did you first begin writing?

Jennifer said...

Under Southern Skies,

I'm not exactly sure when I started writing but mama said I've always been a good writer in school. I started writing a Christian magazine for teens when I was 12 and I've been writing ever sence! I only published the magazine 5 years so now I focus more on my blog.