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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sword Searcher

Several years ago a friend gave us a copy of a Bible software called Sword Searcher. We quickly learned to love this computer program! It is so easy to find the scripture you need in a flash just by typing in a word in the search or look it up by topic by using the Nave's Topical Bible. But the options don't stop there! You can also read Surgeon's and many other commentary's notes, look up a word in the 1828 Webster's Dictionary, see what words mean in Hebrew using the Strong's Hebrew Dictionary, and even find an image or illustration to go with your study. Also included is Charles Surgeon's morning and evening devotions and Fox's Book of Martys. This is a great tool to help any Christian study the Word of God. I have to admit, there are a lot of negative things about today's technology, but this is definitely one of the benefits!

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Lori said...

Hey Jennifer, I've never tried Sword Searcher before. We downloaded the free Bible program that is very similar to this. It's called Theophilus. You can also download lots of "writings" to add to the library...old books by John Bunyan, old Puritan writers, etc... It's a great program too. www.theophilus.sk