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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Surely They Must Know

Lately I have been shocked by the way Christian girls have been dressing. Girls that I went to church with, grew up with, and whose families use to have the same convictions that we do. I'm not going to harp all day on why women shouldn't wear pants, even though I do believe they shouldn't (I'll save that for another post). What I am concerned about is what they are showing up top! It doesn't seem to bother them a bit to show a crevice while wearing shirts that are too low. Surely they must know that men will notice.Surely they must know that even the perverts are looking. Surely they must know that by showing off their bosom they are tempting men to lust. Surely they must know that they are causing men to bring other sinful pictures to mind when they see their nakedness. Surely they must know!

What's so sad is . . . they do know! Yet they continue in their pattern of dressing. I can't help but wonder what their dad's are thinking. How they can let their daughters dress so immodest while they know the effect is beyond me!

In an article called A Letter to the Girls I Know, Devin talks about the struggles that men have when they see immodest dress. He says, "He [the Goddly man] hates being around girls that disrespect him and his struggles by wearing inappropriate attire." I've never thought about it that way! Respect is very seriouse to men, and I don't want them to think I am disrespecting them. In the artical, he also tells us girls what kind of men we are attracting by the way we dress. It is a very good artical to read if you want to please God with the way you dress.


Sara N. Smith said...

It truly is a shame to see how far we all in general have come from the standard of God's word.
If we would only keep soft, tender, and surrendered hearts to the Spirit's promptings - things would be so different.

Anonymous said...

I could not agree more! you are an insightful "maiden in waiting" with high standards. keep the good thoughts for all ladies that they will come to realize their divinity, their elevated awareness of beauty, inspiration, upliftment in the highest joy of God's love: true hearts, showing respect for themselves and for others. Lovely thinking; as a grandmother of 11 wonderful children, I am always amazed at the current fashions so blatenly exposing women to such pathetic degradation of their own Being and sweetness: less is more--definately more!! good luck with your search for God: you are that glory.