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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

You Can Do It!

Sunday night my
pastor preached an
excellent sermon. (But now that I mentioned it . . . when doesn't he?) Although the focus was on keeping your heart right, the message I got from it was "You can do it!" He stated that if you really want to do it - really set your mind to it-you can! You can accomplish anything that you desire if God is in it and with His help. You can be a great wife, a wonderful mother, live a life that affects others for the good, perfect your talents, or know a lot about the Bible. I'm sure you have things that you want to do or be going through your head right now. You can do it! When I hear that, I become amazed! I suppose it is because I sometimes focus too much on my failures and I feel like there is no chance that I can be "that"! But when I thought about it, I asked myself, "Why can't I? What is the difference between me and others who have accomplished great things?"

Others have not succeeded because they had a better education. In the day that we live in, we can all have a great education. The difference is not in the family they were born in. There have been many people that have come from poor, low society, degraded individuals. The difference is diligence.

That's the part we don't like to hear. If we want to accomplish great things for God, we have to be determined that we WILL . . . no matter what! We have to be willing to sacrifice, work hard at it, and go through some unpleasant times. If you want to be a great wife, you have to search the Bible diligently to find the qualities you need to have, you have to listen and heed God's voice when he speaks, you have apply what you have learned to your life. This is the method for success in almost every area. If you want to perfect your talents, (whether they be musical, people related, or some other) you have to practice every day, hard and long. It's not easy, but the results are remarkable!

Around this time of year a lot of people set goals or resolutions. I thought about not even setting any resolutions this year because I fail more than I accomplish. But instead of giving up, maybe we should try again - with a new mind set. Be determined that we CAN do it, and we WILL do it! This 2008 can be the best year of our lives . . . if we want it to be. Whether we enjoy this year or not is completely up to us. What are you going to do?

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Sara N. Smith said...

Amen! What an encouragement - thank you!
May we all anticipate a year full of God's goodness as we search diligently for Him and seek to obey Him every step of the way!