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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Planning Ahead

I use to think that those who always ate whole wheat bread, salads very frequently, only drank water and bought fresh vegetables were overly concerned with their health. I had no appreciation for nutrition whatsoever. This mindset was probably inherited from my parents who use to let us eat whatever we wanted - to an extent. In the past few years however, mama has made a full turn around!

When mama started to have problems with her health she looked for natural ways to heal them. She started reading article after article and many books on healthy eating. Now she is grinding her own wheat that she buys from Bread Beckers and cooks everything in it's most natural state as possible. We eat brown rice, homemade wheat pasta, and very little fried and processed foods. At first we didn't like some of the changes she made, but when she got the recipes just right we loved them! For instance, mama doesn't make our bread with strictly wheat because it is too heavy and has too strong of a wheat flavor, so now she adds a little bit of white flour.I can honestly say that I wouldn't want to go back to white rice, white bread and other foods that are made with strictly white flour. Most foods have a better taste when they are in their most natural state and haven't been bleached and deprived of their nutrition.

Now when it comes to snacks . . . lets just say we don't go without them! Store bought ice-cream still finds it's way into our house . . . pretty frequently! But we try to make our homemade deserts as healthy as possible by using wheat flour, natural white and brown sugar, natural cinnamon, and honey sometimes. Again, if we don't like a particular dessert with all wheat, we will add white flour to the recipe. The same rule goes with honey. Too much of it often makes the dessert taste more like honey than anything else. Mama has found ways to make them a little healthier without substituting taste for nutrition. We all love our desserts.

Now that we eat right and take care of our bodies that God gave us, we feel better, aren't sick as often, and have more energy. I realize that mama has made these changes in our diet because she loves us and wants the best for us.

As I get older, I begin to think more about what I will do one day with my family. Three years ago I didn't give nutritious food any thought except for knowing that I should make my children eat their vegetables (out of the can which is not nourishing). Now I am planning on keeping my precious family healthy. I want them to feel good, (which will put them in a better mood) and live with as few health problems as possible. Because of mama's decision to change our eating habits I will now be able to start my family off right . . . and so could you!

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Under Southern Skies said...

We are pretty health conconscience too. An interesting post!