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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Starting a New Chapter in This Life

(Part III [final]. Scroll down to read Part I and II.)

Monday when I got to work I told my boss and then all my co-workers that I was turning in my notice. They were all sad to see me go, but they said they were proud of me and didn't blame me for making that decision. I was very happy to tell them all the amazing details of how it came to be and they all made it somewhat easy for me to leave because they all backed this decision.

Within a few minutes of telling them I was quitting, someone reminded us that a woman who use to code at the hospital and was the manager of medical records at one time, had moved back to the area only three weeks prior and she just happened to be looking for a job. Ever since I had worked at the hospital I've heard about what a great coder she was and how everyone loved her. I knew right away she would be the perfect replacement, because after all, I still loved the hospital and I wanted to see someone who knew what they were doing to take my place. So they tried to get in contact with her right away knowing that she would need a lot of training before I left. They couldn't find her phone number online, so one of my co-workers drove to the neighborhood where she lived with the hopes that she would remember which house was hers. Later she told me how she found her: As she turned the corner, there she stood talking to her daughter on her cell phone. Had my co-worker been a few minutes earlier, she would not have been at the corner, and had she been a few minutes later, she would have walked across the road to someone else's house. It was as if God told her to go out to the road and wait. When we heard this even my co-workers knew that God was in this. I was so glad that God was receiving recognition and glory for everything that was taking place.

Tuesday she was interviewed and Wednesday she was hired. It all happened so fast and smoothly! The last week that I worked I was able to show her how I did everything and I am confident that she will do great.

The last two days of work and the few days following were kind of scary because this is the first time in six years that I haven't had to work. I was afraid that I might not manage my time wisely or that I wouldn't feel like I really had a purpose. At least when I went to work every day a part of me felt like I was being a wittness to those I worked with, but now my average day will consist of staying home until God opens up more opportunites. But then I was reminded that I have to depend on God moment by moment and turn to Him to know how to spend my time. He wants me to surrender all my time to Him, something that I couldn't do while I was at work, but now I can.

So for now I will spend my time studying my Bible, preparing devotions for camp, reading the many books on my desk, hanging out with my family, and what ever the Lord tells me to do. That is amazing to me! My schedule belongs to God and I'm trusting Him with it. Moment by moment. Oh, and this week? I'm watching the ATI Conference in Nashville TN *Live* in my own living room. Something else I wouldn't have been able to do while I was working! God is good!

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ERICA said...

Awesome! It's so amazing to watch God do things that nobody else can. Thank you for sharing this incredible story!! :)