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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bible Notebook

Yesterday I told mama that I felt like all my thoughts were all jumbled up together and I really needed to write them out while they are fresh on my mind. I have been reading so many books, listening to so many sermons, and sitting at Jesus' feet that I can't keep all these new treasures organized! I'm trying to figure out how to write about faith, and love, and surrender . . . but they are all kind of jumping around in my mind and my notes right now only consist of long lists of scriptures with two or three sentences! Like almost always, mama knew how to help.

By Grace has a wonderful post on Building an Effectual Scripture Journal. I haven't started mine yet (I just looked at it today) but mama and I can't wait to start! And since I haven't posted  in a good while I thought this would be a great topic. Some of the tabs I plan on adding that Mrs. Susan doesn't mention (thought she probably has) is Sermons and Praise. While I was at the Journey they encouraged us to write out a praise to God using the Psalms, and I really enjoyed it. It would even be a great idea to add a tab just for the books you've read and something that stood out to you so you can go back and find it. The possibilities are endless!

It feels so good to be organized!

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