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Saturday, May 23, 2009

What Caused Division Between My Siblings

There was once a time when Phillip and Amy got along great like every brother and sister should. They played together every day, went to places together, got over disagreements very quickly, and found common ground that they could be happy with. They were always together!

For the past few days I've noticed that they haven't been together as much. Lately Phillip has been in his room by himself while Amy is in her room alone. They no longer stick together.

In sadness I went on a mission to find out what caused division between my brother and sister. I was eager to see what made them part in such a way. Today I believe I solved the mystery. It is very clear why they are not spending as much time together.

They now have walky talkies!


Lori said...

Jennifer, that is so cute! You had me worried there for a minute. :) I love seeing siblings as good friends...you're right, that's how it ought to be. You're a good sister for being concerned :)

Under Southern Skies said...

Aww, that's so sweet! I was a little surprised and relieved when I read of your "discovery!" :)