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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Leave The Dictating to the Doctors!

Most of you know that I work in the medical field, something that God directed me to, and really enjoy. I work with two very good transcriptionist in my department who I am always going to when I need an x-ray typed. Having them there makes my job so much easier!

But they don't look at the actual x-ray film and decide what to put on the report. It is the doctors' job to examine the x-ray and verbally relay what he has found, through our phone system. This is called dictation. It is the transcriptionist job to listen to the doctor's voice and type the report as accurately as possible.

For the past several weeks I have felt like I am a trascriptionist and God is the doctor. When I write an article God has told me to write I can feel Him leading me what to write and what not to write. Sometimes God wont even let me add a few words to a sentence if it is not what He wants me to add. Interesting enough, I even found that unique words I usually wouldn't use come to mind while I am typing or writing something for my blog, my friends e-magazine, or anything else. I never knew writing could be so much fun and rewarding!

But let's think about the transcriptionist and doctor scenario again. Have you ever went to the transcriptionist and thanked them for transcribing their x-ray so well? Do you give them credit for finding a fractured bone or a mass in your stomach that could have caused potential harm to your body if it had been left undetected? Most likely not because they are not the ones who found it. All the credit goes to the doctor. In the end, the doctor is the one who God used to saved or increase your health. Not the transcriptionist.

So I cannot take any credit for the articles I write. As much as I would love to say, "Oh, thank you! It took such hard work and practice to write such articles," the truth is, the only reason my writing has changed is because I have decided to listen to God. I think the best way to get great results is to do what I am good at, and leave the dictating to the doctors!
**Just a note: Of course it does take persistence and practice to become a good writer, but what I was referring to in this post is the effect of the article. No matter how well someone writes, their product will do no good if the holy spirit is not in it. Every writer wants their writings to make an impact on other's lives. To achieve this we must follow God word by word.**

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