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Monday, May 18, 2009

From the Eyes of Experiance

I have always loved Psalms 37:4. "Delight thyself in the LORD also; and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart." At first glance I feel guilty for admitting this because I am afraid those who read this might think it is selfish of me, as if I am only concerned with what God can do for me. But it is actually nothing like that.

When I was young God gave me a desire to marry a Christian man who was DEVOTED to God. I don't want a man who has shallow faith and beliefs. I want to give my heart to some one who will show our children how to be real Christians and know how to please God. That only comes from example!

At times it seemed like there weren't any young men like I just described. Some would even try to discourage me and make me think that I would have to marry whoever was "best" out of the bunch, but not necessarily the man like I wanted.

That's when I discovered Psalms 37:4! It was so sweet to my ears! I almost used this verse in defence as if to say, "See! I told you God would let me marry a great Christian man! The Bible says so!" Was I adding words in there? (. . . and he shall give thee the man of thine heart???) Of course I believed that I was delighting in the LORD.

Okay, so maybe I was using that verse to bennefit me . . . but now I feel differant about this passage of scripture. There's been a change in my heart. Some days I can't seem to read the Bible enough, a word prayer is constantly on my lips, and I find so many reasons to praise my wonderful Savior! Am I perfect? Of course not! Every day is not like this, but I have been enjoying more and more days basking in my Savior's sunshine then I use to. Which brings me back to my verse. You see, now I actually do delight in the LORD! I have discovered, from experiance, that when you are close to God you are more concerned about the first part of the scripture (Delight thyself also in the LORD) then you are the second (and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart). I've found myself telling God, "I don't care what you give me or what you do for me. You know what is best for me . . . I'll accept that." But again, keep in mind that I do not always think like this! Just recently I remember asking God, "Can't you just give me this?" But I know life is happiest when I focus on delighting in myLORD and leave my desires behind.

So that is my desire! To enjoy God's pressence in my life and forget about my wants. As long as God is in control I don't think I will have anything to worry about!


Katie said...

Great post! Glad to know I'm not the only one who has thought that way before. Also, its one of my favorite verses...and my novel is based off of it. Set a good track for a love story. :)

Katie said...

Haha, yes, I wrote a novel. No, it isn't published. I'd love to one day make that happen...but it still needs some work. I have it done from beginning to end...but I need to add the little extras that will make it great. I have never tried short stories...I tend to run on and on, so long stories are better fitting to me.

Sandra said...

This is a good post Jennifer! We love to read the promises of God, but we need to also read the entire context they are written in.

Lori said...

Excellent post Jennifer! You have found the secret to Christian contentment...delighting in the Lord. You don't have to "fret and worry" about getting what YOU want because when you really delight in Him, your desires line up with what He wants for you. :)