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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Animal Names

For the past 8 years I have lived with my family on a small farm that consists of 5 acres, and plenty of excitment. But even before we moved out to the country we always had animals . . . even in our small yard in a little ol' neighborhood. That means we have had to come up with a lot of animal names. Of course we had to have a pig named Wilbor, a dog named Shylo, and a rabbit named Thumper. But we also came up with some unique names of our own . . . and some not so practical. For instance, someone had to great idea to name one of our pigs Rosie. Just because she was named after a flower doesn't mean she smelt like one or looked like one!

Last week Daddy and Ryan bought two cows. Before we bought them, Bethany and Phillip went with them to look at the animals. They came home and excitedly told us all about them. Bethany wanted to name the male cow Yankee, but they could not agree on a name for the female. After going through several names I exclamed, "What about Dixie!" They all loved it!

So now we have a cow named Yankee, and a cow named Dixie. Hopefully they will get along with each other despite their controversal names. You can see them at my sister's blog. (Sorry, I didn't feel like taking the time to upload them to my computer. I have other things to do!)


Bethany said...

Every animal that has come to our house has or had a name.

Lauren said...

I love the names! I've always wanted pets, but my mom was allergic to cats, etc... I had two fish named Daisy and Donald and birds (I can't even remember their names).
Lord willing, my husband and I will be blessed with children soon and we'll get to name them!

Thanks for visiting my blog, too... it's nice to find "likeminded" people, even if it is on the internet!