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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Cookin' up a Surprise

Lately my life has not been as easy and care-free as it has been in times past. It's easy to get bogged down sometimes, but not know how to get out of the gloomy mood you are in. Mama must have known I was feeling the pressure when she e-mailed me last week with the tittle to her e-mail being, "time for a little fun?" Mama seems to always know what to do in times like these. So what was her advise? Get in the kitchen and cook! She even offered to do all the cleaning! (Don't I have a great mom?)

So I went to Tammy's blog and looked through lots of recipes. Even that started to get my mind off of everything that I needed to do! I found several recipes that looked delicious, but this one really looked good! It's called "Saucy Broccoli Chicken Bake."

Today I cooked the meal. Everyone knew I was cooking but I wouldn't tell them what it was. They were all so eager to know what my new recipe was! After everything was ready we sat down at the table to eat. It was gone in a flash! We ate every bit of it! I was so glad everyone liked it and wanted me to make it again.

You can find the recipe at Tammy's blog. I made it with the homemade cream of chicken soup and served it with wild rice and homemade wheat french bread. It was a very pretty meal and fun to prepare! And yes, it did get my mind off of my hectic schedule.


Lindsey said...

Hi, Jennifer!

Wow, this looks so good!

That's so nice for your mom to offer to clean up! I love cooking, but I don't care for clean up-time. :-) Although it does help to remember to be thankful that we have an abundance of food to eat!

I can't wait to try this dish! I love creamy chicken dishes.

You Valentine's Day sounds like it was fun, and so special!

Jennifer said...

"It [cleaning dishes] does help remember to be thankful that we have an abundance of food to eat!"

I never looked at cleaning dishes in that way. Now I will probably think of that everytime I wash up our dishes. Thanks for stopping by my blog!