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Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Ultimate Title

I came upon a blog the other day called Valerie At Home. I didn't spend much time reading her posts so I can't say whether it is a good source of Christian articles or not, but I just loved her blog description. It read:
"Wife, mother, teacher, house cleaner, administrative assistant, manager, personal shopper, event coordinator, counselor, chef, taxi driver, personal assistant, handy (wo)man, interior decorator, photographer, travel agent . . . SAHSM (Stay At Home Schooling Mom)"

I like her enthusiasm for the wonderful position she holds. There is no other job that a woman could have that is more important than what she is doing: taking care of her home. It is easily seen that she is not ashamed of her role.We should never be too ashamed to tell anyone that we want to be a stay-at-home wife and mother someday.

A lot of people look down on women who stay at home because they don't see taking care of their family as a job, probably visualize a woman sitting at home watching TV for hours, and can't believe that they WANT to be with their kids all day! However, if they were to try it themselves they would probably see just how much there is to do and if they were to raise their children to be obedient they would enjoy being with them. But even if there were few benifits of being a keeper at home, it is scriptual, so we should do just as God has instructed and learn to love our (future) husband, love our children, and be keepers at home. (Titus 2:4-5)


Sara N. Smith said...

AMEN!!! To be a keeper at home is a very high and noble calling - a calling that we ought to delight in as it pleases our Saviour!

Valerie said...

Wow, thanks for the compliment! I've just now found your blog and was surprised to see my name here. I must confess that it has taken me quite awhile to get comfortable with the role of stay at home mom. From the moment I became pregnant with our first, it was a hard fought battle between working and staying home. I went through the whole spectrum of staying home, working part-time from home, full-time teaching, then back at home over the first 4 years of motherhood. Once I committed to staying home, I sorely missed the affirmation and adult companionship of an outside job. I will admit that there are days I still want to apply for the first job in the classifieds, but the rewards of being a full-time wife and mother are amazing. Besides, as the kids get older and more involved, who has time to add an outside job to this whole motherhood thing?

BTW, I also love L.M. Montgomery and Jane Austen, studied piano for 8 years, *and* I have a sister named Bethany.

Jennifer said...

Mrs. Valerie,
Thank you for visiting my blog! I can understand how you feel when you say you miss the adult companionship, but I'm sure that God can help you with that if you only ask. Our great Father always wants us to be content and happy - but we have to have the desire not to let little things ruen our lives.

My mom is also a stay at home mother with 5 children. At first she was afraid, but now she wouldn't dream of doing anything else. It is the best occupation!