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Thursday, February 25, 2010

There is Still Hope!

A few years ago I stumbled across an artical that described four personality types that most people have. Until then I had read nothing about this subject. I was very excited to find out that lots of people have my personality type and that there is actually a reason that I am the way I am! It was like I finally understood that I can't help my quirky little ways I've had for ever and ever.

I'm what they call a Solid, also known as a Phlegmatic. It is not uncommon to find such a person lying under a shade tree on a cool day peacefully reading a book or sipping a glass of limonaid while listening to the birds chirp. We love to relax and we seek peace above all else. One person described us as "laid back, easy going, nonchalant." I personally think that procrastination can be fit into the description too!

So it's no wonder that in days gone by I've chosen to read a book when there were chores to do, play the piano when there were desserts to be baked, or daydreamed on a beautiful day when there were more productive things I could have been doing. That is the way God made me, but all the time I realized that there were some areas I could work on.

Mama has always told me that when she was young she was the same way, but for some reason that didn't give me much hope. I guess I felt like I would always be a procrastinator who always had things to do but never felt like doing them. It seems like a long and hard road to dilligence.
But this past week I have started to see a change! Of course from time to time I have my little dilligent spirts, but this one has lasted a long time . . . and I'm enjoying it! I have been busy cleaning and organizing my room, cooking and baking, dusting, vacuuming, writing, and quilting. What amazes me most is the lists I'm keeping! For a girl who has always despised keeping a "to do list", I'm actually learning to appreciate it's purpose! This makes me think there's still hope for me after all! I now know that I can be as dilligent as mama if I try hard enough! I like to call it "Delightfully Dilligent" because I'm always happier when I keep my hands busy doing productive things.
So to all solid/phlegmatics out there in the world: There is hope! Keep working hard and you can achieve dilligence just as I have!


Keith and Julie Loveless said...

God bless you for the encouragement! I like to call and your right procrastination is a big challenge for us. God's strength IS made perfect in our weakness IF we allow Him.

Lindsay said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Jennifer!!
I really enjoyed reading your comment. :)

~ Blessings,