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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Days Like These

It's Saturday agian and very relaxed as usual. Right now I have a few candles burning in my room, Josh Groban's A Pianostrings Tribute playing on my computer, and beans that I cooked baking in the oven. Everyone is home (though Ryan is asleep) and we're all staying busy either cleaning, cooking, or both. But I would hate to make this picture seem perfect, because that isn't the case. I am about to clean my desk which is very cluttered - let me reword that - stays cluttered! Then I have to vacuume my floor that has been needing some attention for several days, and later this afernoon I'l make the hamburgars for lunch.

Days like these make me thankful that . . .

  • We're all still home together
  • The work week is only 5 days
  • Mama taught us to stay busy and use our time wisely, and
  • Our home is a place we can enjoy being in

"Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father
 in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ;"
 ~ Ephesians 5:20~

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