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Friday, February 5, 2010

Great Post

I just finished reading a post called, The Blessings of Single Servents. This was one artical I didn't get board with! It is great for all adults to read, young and old. Mrs. Julie spoke about the blessings of singleness and encouraged those who do not have the responsibility of a spouse or family to spend their time serving God. But this artical has a twist that I thought was very interesting . . . it needs to be talked about more often.  She went on to say that married couples need to include the singles in things that are going on around the church and home. (I wont say too much because you really need to read the whole artical yourself.) When I read this I started thinking about the people who I would like to spend time with, the young married ladies I would be more then willing to help, and the little children I would LOVE to be an "adopted" aunt to. I realize that I don't have a helping spirit like my mom and sister, and sometimes I am selfish and stay to myself, but when asked to do something I never hesitate to help when I can. So I guess I'm preaching to myself as well!

Overall it was a very good artical. Well worth the time!

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Keith and Julie Loveless said...

Thank you for your kind words. It is my desire to be a blessing to others. I appreciate the link to our blog. God bless you.