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Sunday, December 27, 2009

My Latest Artical . . .

Being home schooled has given me a different out look on life and a different mind set that most people don't have. I believe that in more ways than one I can honestly say that "once a homeschooler, always a home schooler." Many times I have caught myself telling others, "We're homeschooled" or "I'm a homeschooler," when in all actuality I am no longer homeschooled or in any type of school period! I haven't been taught the three R's by my mother at home in 3 years and I definitely don't have any children of my own to teach, yet I still consider myself to be a homeschooler.

It's a title that I claim with pride. A title that I'm not ready to give up! Even though I'm not technically in school, I still enjoy learning. I may not have any desire to improve my mathematical skills, and learning to spell is an endless task that I don't know if I'll ever accomplish, but I like to learn anything about the human body, and I try to keep up my writing and grammar. Then sometime when I am baking cookies or cooking supper I am reminded of the days when such things were considered part of my schooling. (Home Ec. was always a favorite!)

Yes, I'm still a homeschooler. I can defend my belief in this way of teaching just as good as any homeschooler and I take every opportunity to tell others about my education and how I got it. I imagine when I have my own children I will unconsciously tell others that "I homeschool my children" even when they are too young to even talk. But I can't help it! I love the home schooling way!

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