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Friday, March 27, 2009

Sighting in My Scope

For years the guys in my family have loved to hunt. Winter time in their mind means deer, hunting clubs, and guns. Right before hunting season comes around my dad and two brothers will eagerly pull out their guns to prepare them for the spot. They polish them, grease them down, and then try them out on a target. If they miss the target they know their scope is most likely out of focus and needs to be sighted in. Once their scope is set aright the target is a lot easier to hit. Throughout the season they have to carefully guard their fire arm because any little bump will knock the scope out of focus.

Last week I realized my scope is out of focus. No, I don't own a gun. I'm referring to the way I view life. This week it has been reset and now the target is so much clearer!
It all started Sunday morning, the beginning of our church's mission conference. Four native missionaries came to our church to share their burden with us in hopes that more souls might be saved. They came from Vietnam, Kenya, Chile, and the Philippines. Although from different countries and lifestyles, during the meeting these men joined their hearts in unity and sang about the God they all served. Since I am a lover of music I noticed that they were not always on key, and no, there were no four-part harmony. But since I am also a lover of God and those who love Him, I also noticed that these brothers in Christ were singing with their whole hearts in love towards their Savior. I believe God was more pleased with their offering of praise then any church choir I've ever sung in where the harmony and timing were perfect.

Throughout the four day conference I had the privilege to hear these missionaries testimonies of heart ache and victories. I can't imagine what it would be like to know that my father died for preaching the Word, and then go on and preach myself. I can't begin to comprehend the joy one dear brother experienced when he left a life of serving idols to become a follower of Christ and a leader to his family who followed in his foot steps.

The missionary from Vietnam preached on setting your heart on things eternal rather then things that are temporary. I couldn't help but examine my life and ask, What am I doing that matters to God? Working at a hospital and going to college for Medical Billing is not helping souls come to Christ. Singing for God is a good thing but can easily become very routine and commonplace. What am I doing that will make a difference? What am I really living for?

I have discovered that when I have something to live for - when that something is God's will - my whole life becomes fuller! I now have a reason to work hard because that hard work will turn into money that I will be able to give back to God. I now have something I can give my hobbies and talents too. I now can make a difference as I strive to serve God!

All week my mind has been going back to the scripture the missionary from Vietnam read. "And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be." Rev. 22:12. When that day comes I don't want to be ashamed because I have no reward to lay at Jesus' feet. I want to build up treasures where ti counts the most. So I keep my heart in check, sight in my scope, and try to reach the target!

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Sandra said...

It is so easy living in America to get our focus off the Lord. There are so many fun and enticing things to draw our attention away, but they will never satisfy the true believer. There is no work as rewarding as his.