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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Not Quite Wittinessing

When I was sixteen I got my first job at a Christian based and owned restaurant where I had the honor of working for two wonderful bosses. The setting I was in was great for witnessing! My bosses were of like faith and tried to be a wittiness to their employees which meant that I was not alone. There was always conversation of church services, ways that God had provided for us, and things we were praying about. The friendship I gained in these two people helped me to be more confident in speaking up for Christ.

Another great benefit was time. I had the opportunity to talk to my co-workers very often because there was always slow times in the restaurant business. During those odd hours when most people weren't eating I would sometimes talk to others about their beliefs. I don't remember many conversations that were very profound, I mostly asked them where they went to church, are they a Christian, etc., but it was a start.

Now that I work in a hospital things are a lot different. Lately God has been bring back to my mind how little I try to wittiness anymore. While I do work with a Christian lady who I've known all my life, some how God isn't the center of our conversation. No one in my department talks much about God except for a brief mention of a church activity. Time to gab isn't quite as plenteous either. Usually when I do get a chance to be around those outside of my department, everyone is around and I don't believe that is the best time to confront someone about how they think they are going to heaven!

I have informed God of these excuses many times, along with a few others. In return, God made sure to show me when and who I could wittiness to. Today was one of those times. As I was working on an easy project in my "office" by myself, a lady walked in and began working on her project. God seemed to whispered in my ear, "You said their is never time, and never the privacy you need to share my gospel with others. What about now?" I saw there was no way out of this one. The timing was perfect, the place very quiet, and the person was not a Christian to my knowledge. The only problem was . . . I didn't really know this woman! Of course I knew her name, I knew what she did in the hospital, I knew her reputation, and I saw her every day . . . but I had never had a personal conversation with her.

So I took the first baby step back to where I should be in my call as a Christian. I began to ask her general questions about her children, career, and her home. While I don't think I could call this witnessing, it is definitely a start. Maybe next week God will give me another chance to talk to her more, and in time, I will be able to talk to her about God's love for her. Because of my own selfishness, I have wasted four months at the hospital and may have lost the great opportunity to create a "first impression" of a Christian I would like others to see me as. I'm still learning that if I look hard enough, I will always find opportunities to share the gospel with others. I just need to put the excuses aside and obey His voice.


Stephie M. said...


Best wishes witnessing to your co-worker! God will make a way, and I pray that you'll be able to be a good testimony and that the lady will come to know Christ.

I'm praying that when and if I get my job that I'll be a good testimony to my co-workers.

Bethany said...

I tagged you Jennifer!

Under Southern Skies said...

I'll pray for you, that you will have another opportunity to witness to her. God bless!

Pamela said...

I have been teaching in a public school for thirty five years. There are many ways to witness aside from asking someone where they attend church. Our lives are the only Bible many people read. We have the treasure of the good news in earthen vessels, our humanity. God calls some of us to be the salt of the earth, to be out in the highways and by ways of life displaying a life and lifestyle that is winsome for his Kingdom. God is using you even if you never "boldly speak out" Your actions canspeak so much more loudly than words.