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Saturday, August 2, 2008

It's Rodeo Time!

This weekend we went to a rodeo in a near by town. It was Phillip and Amy's first, and a very good one too!
On the way!

Bethany, Amy & Mama.

Bethany in the stable.

It was hard to get good pictures from the top of the bleehers!

This one is a little blury, but I still like it!

This is one of my favorites! [Phillip]

I tried to get a picture of my dad, but it didn't come out.


Lynn Green said...

Good photography. You do a good job of capturing moods.

Anonymous said...

Looks like much fun was had by all

Lindsey said...

Looks like you had fun!

I haven't been commenting here for awhile, but I've been lurking. I wanted to let you know you’ve been given the “Kindred Spirit” award at my blog. Thank you for your friendship and encouragement!

Under Southern Skies said...

How fun! Those are some really good pictures! I especially like the second from the last one.