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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Treasures From The Old Testament

I've always heard that no matter how many times you read the Bible you will always find something new. The more I read it the more I realize how true this is. I do believe it is the only book ever written that will never become old or boring to me.

For years I have preferred the New Testament over the Old Testament. Since times are so different I never really knew how to apply the Old Testament scriptures to my life. We are not commanded to give sacrifices or keep the feast days as the Israelites were in the days before Christ. Thus I always read more of the New Testament.

Recently however, God has opened my eyes and has let me see those old stories in a new light. Now they seem full of spiritual values that I can try to obtain myself. So many of the things they went through are similar to those I have. Why didn't I see this before? Perhaps I didn't seek to understand. But now I do, and I am thoroughly enjoying it!

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Lauren said...

The Old Testament just keeps getting more and more interesting as you keep reading it, doesn't it. Every time you read anything in the Bible, I believe you can find something that points to Jesus Christ, regardless of where it's located.