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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Oh, the Joy of Spelling!

There is one fact about myself that I just can't seem to hide: I CAN'T SPELL! Mama is a great speller, so good that she was in a spelling bee in school. She didn't make it very far, but she made it a whole lot farther then I would have ever made it! My brother Ryan and my sister Bethany are good spellers too, so that leads me to believe that it is not because of my lack of studying or lack of a good teacher, but that I am naturally a bad speller. At times I still catch myself thinking "Is their spelt with ei or ie?" Pitiful . . . I know!

Thankfully there is this wonderful thing called "Spell Check" that is on most e-mail and blogging publications. As I was going over some of my recent post however, I found many spelling errors. I suppose even my friend Spell Check can't find all of my misspellings.

So if you find words that are spelt wrong here on my blog, just try to over look it and remember that not everyone is able to spell : )


Bethany said...

Don't worry! I don't spell that great all the time.

Lauren said...

Spell check is a great invention!