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Monday, February 9, 2015

Walking in the Spirit

This past week my sister Bethany and I had an amazing opportunity to bring the word of God through a seminar to a woman's prison. Many of the women responded well and gave testimony of learning how to be thankful, break down strongholds in their life, and how to deal with irritations. One woman was so excited to tell us that before the seminar she had been crying out to God to answer the many questions she had about being angry, bitter, and many other things, but after the seminar she said that all her questions were answered! God had been faithful! Some women just wanted to talk about their hard life and Bethany and I were privileged to give a listening ear. By the end of the week Bethany and I had gained so many new friends in these ladies who loved the Lord so much! It was really sad to leave.

Every morning I prayed before we left and while we were in the car on the way to the prison. I wanted to walk in the spirit, but I was afraid that I would mess something up that would instead quench the spirit. God taught me several things about walking in the spirit. One morning He just told me to stop trying. I was trying to walk in the spirit in my own strength, when all I needed to do is rest in God and trust Him fully. If I did this, He would show me if there was sin in my life that needed to be repented of and He would tell me what to say and when. I had to learn to take my hands off of the situation and stop worrying about making mistakes. Worry will quench the spirit.

Another morning while I was praying in the car I told God, "I'm not doubting You, I'm doubting myself!" But God reminded me of Moses when he stood near the burning bush. Moses said that he couldn't do the job because he couldn't talk well. He had excuse after excuse until he finally told God, "You chose the wrong man!" He was really saying, "God, you made a mistake. I don't trust you to pick the right person to do the job." No wonder God's anger was kindled. God wasn't pleased to see his humble spirit, He saw that Moses didn't trust God to work through him. That morning I realized that I was doing the same thing. I knew that God could do wonders, but I didn't think He could do it through me. I had forgotten that He chose me for this mission so therefore I could be successful.

God showed me so many other things during the week that I will never forget. I saw God's power and it gave me a greater hunger to always walk in the spirit. The Saturday afterwards as Bethany and I were on the way to a church to babysit some kids for the evening I was overwhelmed with happiness as I realized that I am truly happiest when I am serving God. Everything else seems to fade away in the distance when I realize how great it is to be in God's will, walking in the spirit, and laying up treasures in heaven! God is so good!!!

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