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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Recipe, New Tool, and a New Song!

Soooo . . . the holidays are over and for the first time that I can remember, I'm kind of glad. Don't get me wrong, I loved having Phillip  home, looking at Christmas lights, making personal pan pizza's, decorating Christmas Cookies, participating in the Christmas Cantata, bowling with my siblings, the church youth cookout, some Christmas shopping, and the youth rally. But what I don't like about this season is changing the piano lesson schedule ("When did you say you were coming for your lesson?"), eating way too much, having to re-learn all those Christmas songs for church, and always staying so busy! Plus, I had to work the week of Christmas and the week of New years (just a fill-in job that I am  incredibly thankful for!) so no sleeping in for me!

But I said all that so that you would understand how excited I am to have a day at home! My brother Phillip left Monday, and Tuesday . . . well we wont go there. So today has been great! I tried a new recipe for lunch which my sisters and I really enjoyed. Easy Pull Apart Pizza Bread (you know, monkey bread style) is definitely one we are going to make again. I forgot to take a picture so you'll have to go to the link to drool over how delicious it looks. We are pizza lovers around here so it went over well!

Chopstir Beef Masher
Now for the new cooking tool. While my sisters and I were in TN and NC I was on the lookout for something to bring home to mama. Bethany showed me this cooking gadget that she used at summer camp and said it worked really well. I bought it but later decided to give it to Mama for Christmas instead. Anyways . . . mama loved it so much that she bought one for each of us girls to put in our hope chest and she bought one for each of her co-workers. Today I got to use it for the first time and it does make chopping hamburger so much easier. One lady that mama works for said that pampered chef cooks act like this is the magical wand. (Just so you get an idea at how great this is!) You can buy the Chopstir at Wal-Mart or cooking stores. It's worth the space it takes up! Here's a link if you want a better idea of what it looks like.''

He is Really All That Matters
Bethany, Amy, and I are learning a new song called, He Is Really All That Matters. How true that is! I hope y'all have a blessed week and that you make time to put God first!

Verse 1
If I could say one thing, it would be He's the best thing.
If I had only one word, Jesus would be heard.
If I had but one breathe, I'd use it to praise Him with.

For He is really all that matters.
When this thing is over, I've crossed death could waters.
We'll see more clearly, and see that really He's it.

Verse 2
If this were my last day, I'd shout Jesus all the way.
If this were my last mile, I'd spend it praising Him awhile.
If I had but one breathe, I'd use it to praise Him with.

If He hadn't love me, like He does I wouldn't be.
If He hadn't saved me, I'd suffer through eternity.
If I had but one breathe I'd use it to praise Him with.

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