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Monday, July 15, 2013

A Scrapbook Solution

I have quite the collection of scrapbook paper and tools that I have bought or where given over the years. I don't do much scrap-booking, but I love to make cards and (my new interest) envelopes. But every time I get my scrap-booking supplies out I get frustrated at the unorganized mess it is in. I use to store it in a large, shallow container that fit under my bed, but that didn't work well, so I now keep everything in a 31 bag my aunt gave me for Christmas. It's a cute bag, but not practical for storing scrapbook supplies.

Today while I was making a card I came up with a fabulous way to store my scrap pieces of paper that always get bent and tore. I took an scrapbook that I'm not using (and probably wont for a long time) and put all the little leftover pieces of paper in each sleeve. 

Some of them are color coordinated, while there were some scraps I couldn't do that with.

My supplies are far from being as organized as I want them, but this is certainly a step in the right direction. So, while we're on the subject . . . here's some of the cards I've made. Nothing fancy, but I love the look of a handmade personalized card.


Sandra said...

I LOVE these cards and the idea to put the small pieces in a photo album is SO good.

Under Southern Skies said...


Handmade cards are wonderful! So personal and sweet. I was just thinking of you today, and would love to hear from you!