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Sunday, January 17, 2010

I Love Saturdays!

Yesterday I had a great day! Saturday is one of the two days I get to . . .
  • sleep in past 7:00
  • eat breakfast with my whole family (except Ryan who is just getting home from work and going strait to bed)
  • wear my jean skirts instead of "office clothes"
  • exercise in the morning if I feel like it
  • play the piano more then durring the week days
  • practice our songs with Bethany, Phillip and Amy
  • and stay at the house the whole day!
I love it! Last saturday I spend most of my day cleaning, but this Saturday I cooked supper with Bethany, and made a Chocolate Trifle. Making the desert was very interesting and took up a lot of time!

I started out with a chocolate cake that I would use in the trifle. I did this without any errors so I was feeling pretty good. While it was baking mama and Bethany headed to the store to buy some lace for a dress Bethany was making and I started on the pudding that would go on top of the layer of cake. While I was beating the milk and pudding mix together and chatting with Amy I noticed the electric mixer was kind of acting funny. Before I knew it the mixer was going crazy! I didnt know what was going on except that chocolate was being splattered everywhere and the mixer didn't want to corroperate. It took me by such surprise that I couldn't find the button to turn it off with right away, and when I did finnaly turn it off I found the beaters twisted together and a peice of it on the floor! Chocolate was everywhere, including me. Amy and I cleaned it all up and made another batch of pudding just in case little metal peices had gotten into the bowl. I had never seen such a thing! I believe I will be afraid to use an electric mixer for at least 2 months! : )

Luckily, the rest of the dessert went smoothly with no mistakes and everyone agreed that it tasted very good!


Under Southern Skies said...

Your account of making the dessert made me smile. :) I wonder what made the mixer do such a strange thing? :)

Jennifer said...

Love your blog:) I enjoyed my visit here!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer! It's been awhile since I stopped by here. That dessert look wonderful!