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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Here They Are!

Motorcycle at the Harley Davidson Factory

Very happy cows! They were massaged, fed 24 hours a day, slept on water beds, and milked themselves. Don't believe me? Visit their website.
Acres and acres of corn and other crops


Jennifer said...

Oooh... Pennsylvania! I enjoyed seeing these photos as I lived near PA Dutch/Amish country for my whole life! I recognized some of the sites - including the photo from the Choo Choo Barn. :)

We just moved north a month ago, though, to New England. (It's beautiful here, too, with many farms - just like in PA.)

Thank you for taking the time to read my article that was posted recently on YLCF. Thanks, also, for leaving a comment!

Under Southern Skies said...

Loved seeing all the photos! Pennslyvania looks so pretty!

Anne said...

I don't mind telling you that I think you chose a wonderful state to visit! Thanks for the reminders of my home state in pictures:).


Very pretty pictures! We used to live in Pennslyvania. :)

It's been awhile since I last visited your blog, I've enjoyed looking around again! :)

~Emily :)