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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fun, Food, Fellowship . . . and 316 Pictures!

Okay, I know I'm late, but my trip to Pennsylvania was so wonderful that I have to tell you a little bit about it! Here's a few fun facts:
  • On the bus was one baby, a dog named Spanky, a recent college graduate (me), and the rest were mostly senior citizens!
  • Our trip coordinator was very punctual when it came to time. We often heard things like, "We will be leaving in about 10 seconds!"
  • We went on 7 tours and saw 2 live shows
  • We saw lots of Amish people and farms
  • The lady who served us breakfast at the motel was Amish
  • We ate lots of food and ice-cream. (A trip just wouldn't be right without ice-cream!)
  • I took over 500 pictures but only kept 316
  • Best of all, we had great fellowship among Christain people

Choo Choo Barn - a huge train track with everything imaginable! All antimated.

Everything Christmas!

Outside an Amish school

More pictures to come . . .

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