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Thursday, May 15, 2008

An Update and Picture Searches

I suppose it is time for another post of some sort. Trust me, I wish I could post more, but making the time to do so is not very easy. I almost feel guilty for writing now because I still have school to be done and I should probably fold the clothes for my sisters who are gone on vacation.

Things have pretty much been the same the past few weeks. Other then school and work I have actually done quite a bit. Last Saturday we had three families out to our house to help us make sausage and lard. It was so much fun! After we were done making the sausage us "kids" played kick ball, volley ball, "Man Hunt", and Spoons (always a noisy game!). We also ate pleny of snacks and walked down to an old church and cemitary near our house. I always love having a lot of people out to our house! The next day I was very tired and soar from all the "play". (It's still fun to be a kid at times!)

Last night I went to the skating rink with some friends. We had a great time!

Earlier while I was looking for a picture on Google I found this interesting picture of two boys. As soon as I saw it I was reminded of the good old times. Times when all the neigborhood kids got together to play baseball, kickball and such. Times when doing out door activities was fun! Now all most children want to do is play video games, computer games, talk or text on cell phones, or watch TV. Things have changed so much! While looking for another picture I typed in "chatting". The second and third picture that came up was of two people "chatting" online. What ever happened to talking face to face? Some times I wish that I could go back in time and live 50-100 years ago. Even 30 years ago things were better! Things were so much purer.

A good movie to watch is The Time Changer. After watching it I realized how far even conservative Christians have gone. This man, from the 1800's traveled 100 years into the future for a week. When hearing a cuss word on a movie he ran out of the movie theater screaming, "Turn the movie off! Turn the movie off! They are blaspheming God's name!" He thought it was appalling to hear such words. This leads me to think: do we find the sins of this world horrifying like this man did? And if so, what are we doing about it?

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Anonymous said...

"The Time Changer" is a great movie. Our family loved it!!