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Monday, May 5, 2008

Peaceful Living

Today was like any other day in some ways. I woke up before the sun had risen to head out to work. There, I did my usual tasks of taking customers orders, carrying food out occasionally, bagging food, cleaning, stocking shelves, and what ever else needed to be done in a fast food restaurant. At times it becomes very loud in the small building. Above the ice maker and exhaust fans you can hear the customers chatter and laughter and vehicles going by on the road out front. For a small town, it is a busy little gathering place.

When I got home tonight though, it was different than most other nights. After talking to mama I went out side to start on my school work. I usually don't study out side, but I knew I would enjoy the fresh air and sunlight. For a few minutes time seemed to stand still. As I sat there in silence with only the sound of rustling leaves and birds talking back and forth in chirps, I watched Phillip play on the trampoline with a water hose. Then glancing to my right I saw Amy running through the yard, skipping over mounds of dirt so freely. They both seemed so care free and happy.

I started thinking about how wonderful it is that we live out in the woods far from town. Our little five acres are so peaceful. The privacy we have allows us to do as we please without worrying about our neighbors watching and complaining. Being surrounded by farms means we live in a place void of heavy traffic, noisy trains, and loud music. We have the privaledge of watching nature every day through our animals and many plants. There are so many blessings from living in the country!

I am so thankful that God lead my dad to move out hear seven years ago. I would rather live in the country in a double wide trailer than in the city living in the nicest house imaginable any day. The country life is wonderful!

:: The picture at the top is of the goats that we no longer have, but don't they look so peaceful? The other picture has all three of my younger siblings on the trampoline. Sorry for the blurriness! By the way, I also have an older brother Ryan, but I haven't put a picture of him on here yet. I will some day!::


Anonymous said...

I'm passing on the "You Make My Day" Award!!!! :)
Blessings to you always!

Margaret Neufeld said...

That rating thing. I had no idea I even had that. It just showed up on this post.