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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I Cannot Please Myself

Today I tried, once again, to do what I wanted to do. I slept in till 7:15; 45min after the alarm went off, which made my day start late. After reading a short chapter in Psalms and a verse in Proverbs, I decided that was enough. “It won’t hurt to skip one day of my study in Isaiah.”

Once breakfast was over I started on my online college classes. I actually got a good bit done, but could have accomplished more if I had not of spent so much time surfing the web- for my own enjoyment of course.

These are all little things, but I soon began to realize that they were acts of rebellion. I should have been studying more, I should have spent more time with God, I should have started my new sewing project, I should have worked on the article that I started two days ago . . . and the list goes on. But I didn’t, because I wanted to please myself. I wanted to spend my whole day doing things that I enjoy. How selfish!

Did I enjoy surfing the web and sleeping in? Not really. I knew the whole time God wasn’t pleased with me. How can I enjoy myself when I do not have the peace of God? The only way to enjoy my day is to keep Christ at the center of it. If He is not, then I will only be miserable as He urges me to come back to Him. God knows what I really need and He knows that I am nothing without Him. What a great friend I have who will not let me stay in my unhappy state!


Sara N. Smith said...

Bless you for being open and honest. Shamefully, I know how easy it is to satisy the flesh but how I praise the Lord for His forgiveness and grace!!
It's a pleasure to get to know you!
Thank you for the comment, as well!
Blessings always!

Patriot said...

What a great perspective to have! I waste so much time - and then end up so made at myself!! Thanks for putting things into perspective.

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Jennifer said...

Thank you for commenting! I hope this blog is a blessing to you and all who read it.

Sandy said...

If we could only remember to do ALL things in moderation. The internet is a good source of information and encouragement at times, but it is so easy to look to the internet for the things that God so desperately wants to give us if we would only spend that time with him. Time spent with the Lord will never be wasted or regretted but time on everything else, including that warm, soft bed in the mornings will. I know from experience!!!

Under Southern Skies said...

Looks like you have started a really nice blog! Will check back for more posts. :)